Why Federal Loan Consolidation Doesn’t Save Any Money

If you have federal student loans and want to extend your repayment terms beyond the standard 10-year period, one of the options you might be considering is federal loan consolidation. While extending your repayment term will lower your monthly payment, federal consolidation won’t save you any money because your new interest rate will only be… Read More »

What is the Ideal Credit Score for Student Loan Refinancing?

You want to apply for a refinanced student loan, but, you are afraid you will be denied due to a low credit score. If you recently graduated from college and haven’t had time to establish a credit history or damaged your score from a series of missed payments a few years ago, you might be… Read More »

Is It Easy to Change My Student Loan Repayment Plan?

If you graduated college with federal student loans, you have 10 years to pay back your loans with the standard repayment plan. Depending on how much your current monthly payment & salary is, you may need a little more time. Thankfully, federal student loans are some of the most flexible types of loans when it… Read More »

Can You Declare Bankruptcy on a Student Loan?

When you are financially underwater, one way of eliminating your debt is to declare personal bankruptcy. If you have unpaid student loans, you might think these might be discharged during the bankruptcy process. But, this isn’t always the case as student loans are viewed differently than other forms of debt. Here are some circumstances when… Read More »

Avoiding Loan Consolidation Scams

With record amounts of student loan debt, it’s the second most prevalent form of household debt, it might not come as a surprise that there are also a fair amount of consolidation scams. If you are struggling to make your current monthly payment, any repayment option that claims to lower your payment & costs might… Read More »

What is a Hybrid Interest Rate?

When you have applied for any type of financial loan, most likely you had the option to apply for either a fixed or variable interest rate. As the finance industry is always changing to keep up with consumer trends and spending habits, a new type of interest, a hybrid interest rate, has been introduced. The… Read More »

Top 10 Majors that Student Loan Refinancing was made for

Not every college major costs the same and some degree programs cost more than others. As multiple professions require a post-undergraduate degree to begin earning a salary, many students with professional training need help to help make the monthly student loan payment more affordable after graduation. These are the top 10 majors that are ideal… Read More »

Step 1 After Being Rejected for Student Loan Consolidation

You just received notice from your student loan lender that your application was rejected. What to do next? There isn’t any reason to fret yet as there is one action to take to help improve your chances of getting approved for student loan consolidation after applying again.Reasons You Might Have Been RejectedThere are several reasons… Read More »