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Why Federal Loan Consolidation Doesn’t Save Any Money

If you have federal student loans and want to extend your repayment terms beyond the standard 10-year period, one of the options you might be considering is federal loan consolidation. While extending your repayment term will lower your monthly payment, federal consolidation won’t save you any money because your new interest rate will only be… Read More »

These Companies Offer an Interest Rate Discount when Refinancing? How Much Does It Actually Save?

One of the reasons you refinance student loans is to save money by negotiating a lower interest rate. When you refinance your student loans, your new lender often provides the opportunity to save some additional money by offering an interest rate discount by simply signing up for automated payments. Are you interested? See how much… Read More »

Can You Declare Bankruptcy on a Student Loan?

When you are financially underwater, one way of eliminating your debt is to declare personal bankruptcy. If you have unpaid student loans, you might think these might be discharged during the bankruptcy process. But, this isn’t always the case as student loans are viewed differently than other forms of debt. Here are some circumstances when… Read More »